Kanye West College Dropout Album Evaluation

It's rare you see a famous MC that's as hungry, focused, and on his grind as Raekwon is at this second. Shallah, a.k.a. The Chef, a.k.a. Lex Diamonds, rolled through DC for the Direct Generate Document Pool; a listening lounge highlighting hip hop in the DMV area. The event also featured the melodic vocals of previous Floetry singer, Marsha Ambrosius and up and coming crooner out of Baltimore, C.J. Hilton.

There seems to be either fantastic rappers who can create and great rappers who can freestyle really well. Most rappers can freestyle to a certain extent. Some of the great freestylers of the world have been Eyedea, Juice, Supernatural and Illmaculate. Some of them have been freestyle champions. Nevertheless, none of these fantastic freestyle rappers have sent an album that has been regarded as the best of new hip hop albums.

As we listened a small nearer, I was captivated not by the audio of someone singing, but by the rhythm of someone rhyming over the soundtrack. I remember inquiring, "Yo guy, what are you listening to?" The more mature fella said, "This is Rapper's Delight by the Sugarhill Gang." We were hooked. This was new, we would say "fresh", unlike something we experienced listened to prior to. It was then, 31 years ago that I began my love affair with Hip Hop music. You can say we've actually robe up with each other.

CD: Thats so great. Since you've been there, have you done anything? Who have you collaborated with? I imply, have you even experienced time because every thing has exploded with the album and touring for Pomegranate?

For many years Ludacris hyped the launch of a joint album with then Disturbing Tha Peace member Shawnna called Fight of the Sexes. Shawnna still left the DTP family and Luda moved on with her only appearing on a few of tracks. Younger Cash artist Nicki Minaj joined Luda on the solitary My Chick Poor more info which was dope, but not enough to conserve the album. A venture that started out being a good concept ended up becoming a catastrophe. No longer a accurate "battle of the sexes" Ludacris' seventh album wound up becoming a slew of tacky R&B songs and poor strip club songs.

I like to refer to Twista as the Baron Davis of rap. You know Los Angeles Clippers guard Baron Davis can ball, but he only shows up to perform when he feels like it. His sport is distinctive, in numerous methods he's unstoppable, but you only get to see his expertise in small doses. Twista has a style in contrast to any other emcee and is respected throughout the board. But when it's time to fall an album Twista usually misses much more than he hits. The Perfect Storm is Twista's eighth solo launch and is bogged down by poor R&B songs. Twista's pandering to the ladies is an try to score hit information and transfer some units-I respect that. But it's just not operating.

Kanye does arrive off as arrogant and materialistic at times, but you can't deny his talent. He utilizes samples and beats that are truly revolutionary in the hip-hop business. On this album he samples Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, Lauryn Hill and Chaka Khan. Whether he is bragging, joking, or self criticizing, he has place together a fantastic collection of tracks that will unquestionably be remembered as one of the fantastic hip-hop albums of all time.

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